Our Story


The creative drive and Artist behind Liberty Bell.

Father/Husband, Former Fleet Marine Force Corpsman, now Tactical medicine instructor, grad student, and woodworking savant (the idiot kind according to Jean). It was the need to find a creative outlet for dealing with stress and deployments that led to the start of Liberty Bell. With a heart bigger than he is, all of the first pieces from our shop were intended to raise funds for non-profits. To this day we do a massive amount of work with these amazing organizations to help as many as possible. When that didn’t feel personal enough, he started his OWN outreach program, the Freedom Rings Flag Builds, bringing the same “sawdust” therapy that got him through the rough times to other vets and first responders. 


Chief operations/finance/information officer, and more importantly shop hobbit keeper. 

Jean basically keeps Dustan’s head from spinning off. She handles a ton of the behind the scenes work, and keeps things moving in the right direction at all times. Liberty Bell wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for her keeping the ship moving through the rough waters. 


The Shop Hobbits... 

Chris, Kelli, Logan, Landon, Liberty, and Layken

 As with most parents, we do it all for them. These little crazies are frequent guests in the shop, and hanging out with dad at shows. Do NOT be surprised if one of them randomly pops out from under a table at an event... it happens all the time, we’re used to it. These awesome little ones help with everything from sanding to staining, and are frequently the cause of missing tools. They’re no stranger to the camera and Little Miss Liberty herself can frequently be found posing with finished pieces. Mr. Layken is our family’s newest addition born 14 July 2020, and we couldn’t be happier!